Cherokee Road Farm

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From the Beginning

Well I have always like the outdoors (well mostly) and My Dad and I farmed a little in my teen years. So thought Why not it is something I feel I could really enjoy doing.

Starting small and slow. Trying to learn before I jump to far.  I've thought about goats, chickens, guineas, cattle and pigs, produce and hay maybe even some nut tree... just not sure What all at this time.

For now I'm raising Boer Goats and starting this year doing my own hay and some 30 acres for a freind. Should result in a few thousand Bales of Hay for 2020

Yes this will have to change some more (as I build up the farm).
Comments and suggestions always welcome, send them to dreams@cherokeeroadfarm(dot)com

Billy and Kay

Such a lovely couple!

To my lovely wife  I must say thank you.. She puts up with me and my long hours getting wrapped around different projects and work.

Don't know what I'd do with out her.. Love you most!

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More to come :-)